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Once you have paid in full for your booth space, the main contact on your account will receive an email containing a link to the badge registration site. Please note, we have gone digital with our badges, so there won’t be any paper badges onsite. The main contact must register all booth staff for their exhibitor badges. They will be able to make staff additions or edits through the registration link. Once registered, they will receive an email confirmation as well as be able to send confirmations to their staff. Bring these confirmations with you to the show to expedite registration check-in and wristband pick up. More information is below. 

Please contact your Account Executive to make any changes to your account, including address, main contact or company name.

Show Management has introduced our Digital Badge and ‘Tap & Go’ wristbands for show entry. To ensure a smooth transition to this new process, please read below. 

In an effort to be more sustainable we have adopted a digital badge found within your Children's Club and COTERIE mobile app.  Your credentials and ID are found within the badge section of the mobile app so you can share your contact information with colleagues. This will also be used for those that have special floor access (VIP, etc.).

Your digital badge is located on the COTERIE App when you download the app to your smart phone device.

Through your smart phone, go to the Apple store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users).  Search COTERIE SHOW in the app store or access the following link from your device: and you are all set!

The digital badge is our new badging system, it contains the same information as a printed badge, like your name, company information and other credentials. The digital badge produces zero environmental waste.  

Yes, in order to retrieve your digital badge, you will need to login to your previous account or create a new account using your email address and last name. 

The digital badge is located under the tab ‘Badge’ on the main home screen of the app. 

If the badge on your app has incorrect information (name, company, etc), please visit our Onsite Registration location on the South West area of the Crystal Palace.

No worries, present your confirmation number at any registration location and we will be able to assist.

There is a dedicated App Success Team located throughout the Jacob Javits Center.  In addition, for App-related technical questions, please contact the tech support team through the Tech Help menu located in the top right corner menu of the App.

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available to you throughout the Jacob Javits Center.

Please visit your nearest Customer Service desk or App Success Team member for assistance. 

Mobile device charging stations will be available to you throughout the Jacob Javits Center. 

There are 4 total charging stations, all within the show floor: 

L3: front of 3E hall, front of 3B hall 

L1: front of 1C (Joor Lounge), front of 1A (Apple Lounge)

There is also a station near the Concourse Starbucks that Javits provides outlets.

This season, we’re introducing our Digital Badge and ‘Tap & Go’ wristbands for show entry. To ensure a smooth transition to this new process, please read below.

The wristband is a seamless process of, “Tap and Go”. Not only does your wristband carry your company information but grants you physical access to the show floor including events, daily happenings and happy hours.

There are several attendee registration locations within the Jacob Javits Center. Visit our Onsite Registration locations: 

  • Pre-Registered Customers- Visit any grab and location on the Main Concourse or Crystal Palace lobby area
  • Onsite Registration Customers- Please visit main onsite registration desk located in Crystal Palace

Assistance is available to you at any of our registration locations. We also have helpful App Success team members to assist with any questions or concerns.  Here are some tips of how to put on the wristband to ensure you have a comfortable experience:

  • Find a friend! You only get one shot at this, so we recommend an extra hand to help.
  • Use the one finger rule. The wristband should be snug enough that no more than one finger can fit between the band and your wrist. The band can be on either your left or right wrist, whichever feels more comfortable.
  • Slide the closure towards your wrist to tighten. Hold the loose ends when sliding. The closure slides one-way and cannot be loosened.
  • Please do NOT cut the loose ends

Yes, we are asking for all Children's Club attendees to wear their wristband, at all times. The wristband allows access on and off the show floor with a “Tap and Go” entrance.

Unfortunately, no. The wristband must be worn on your wrist each day.

Unfortunately, no. Each wristband is linked to your unique digital badge. 

Please visit Onsite Registration located in Crystal Palace.

Our App Success Team is available to you throughout the lobby areas near the registration desk. We are easy to spot wearing the same uniform.

Yes, Exhibitors can do bulk check in. Please visit onsite registration located in the Crystal Palace.

Exhibitors can pick up their colleague/associates wristbands at either one of our onsite registration locations: 

  • Pre-Registered Customers- Visit any Preregistered Wrist Band Pick Up location on the North Concourse or Crystal Palace lobby area
  • Onsite Registration Customers- Please visit main onsite registration desk located in Crystal Palace


Step 1: Please login to your Exhibitor Portal -

Step 2: Click on the Registration Tile on the upper right hand corner

Step 3: Select My Show 

Step 4: Select Bulk Register

Step 5: IMPORTANT- Bring the list of bulk registrants to onsite registration to collect your wristbands. We won't be able to bulk print without this list.

No, after you have received your wristband, that allows access the remaining of the show.

There are two ways to indicate if someone is a buyer or an exhibitor. First options are, looks at the wristband color. (please refer to wristband color chart below). Second option is to ask to scan or look at digital badge.

WHITE: Exhibitor 

RED: Visitor - Guest of Sales, Guest, Child, Press, Speaker, Manufacture, Factory, Wholesaler, Media, Student, or any other non-retailer.

BLACK: Buyer/Retailer

GOLD: VIP Buyer/Retailer

To keep Buyers updated on the latest booth location information, we’ve gone digital with our Exhibitor listings. Buyers will now be able to access your company name and booth location directly via the app and at the on-site information booths. 

Please contact your Account Executive to make any changes to your account, including address, main contact or company name.

Please reach out to the Javits Center, who is the exclusive vendor.

Whenever possible, ship merchandise in advance to the GES warehouse. Follow the instructions on Advance Shipping located in your Exhibitor Kit. Be sure to use the labels provided in your Exhibitor Kit and clearly write the name of your company and booth number on all packages. Please pay attention to dates, and always refer to your Exhibitor Kit for detailed shipping information.


Contact your insurance provider to add the event, UBM Americas and the contention center in which you’ll be exhibiting. Buy your insurance using the same name you gave us on your exhibit space contract as the “exhibiting company”. If that name is different from your corporate name, then please list it as a DBA (doing business as). Insurance will only cover the specific show in which it was purchased.

All shipping containers must be removed from the exhibit floor before the show opens. If you wish for your empties to be removed and stored, please request “EMPTY” storage labels at the Exhibitor Service Desk, flatten and tie together cardboard boxes, fill out storage labels completely and then leave your boxes outside your space. Boxes will be removed at the end of day on setup day and returned after show close.

Stop anyone with a radio and staff badge or a security guard, and let them know the situation. They will be able to contact our on-site EMT.

There is peripheral security during the show. However, you are responsible for the security of your individual booth and its contents. We recommend that you secure your booth by hiring an overnight security guard, not leaving one-of-a-kind samples, expensive jewelry, or small items unattended at any time, carrying a detailed list of all your products, and closing off your booth at the end of each day.

Show Management Floor Managers and GES Exhibitor Services Executives will be on the show floor at all times. Get to know them! They are available to help and assist exhibitors. If they cannot help you, they will direct you to the correct Account Representative. If you have questions regarding your booth set-up and/or fixtures please visit the GES Exhibitor Service Desk located on the show floor.

For general show information, please email [email protected], or call (877) 554-4834; International: +1 (218) 740-6387.

  • For questions on your account, payment, booth guidelines, booth number, etc. please contact your Account Executive.
  • For info on ordering, shipping, drayage, rentals, etc. please contact the GES Exhibitor Service Center at (800) 475-2098; International: +1 (702) 515-5970.


If you still can’t find what you are looking for, contact a member of our Customer Service Team. 


[email protected]